2022 Students on the GO!...

  • Running : Half Marathon :
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Race Date: Sunday, April 3, 2022
Start Time: 7:00AM CDT
City: Saint Louis
State/Terr: Missouri
Zip: 63110
Country: USA

_The 2022 Students on the GO!:

Program Outline:  

Students on the GO! is a program for high school students to train for a half marathon over a 20-week program.  This isn’t a program just for highly trained runners (though they are welcome!). This is a program for any student who wants to be active, learn how to properly train for the 13.1 mile distance, and set and attain goals. In short, this is a program for ANY student! 

This year, we believe that it is more important than ever to continue to give students the opportunity to be active, get outdoors, and set goals for themselves during this difficult time in our world.  We also know that because of the COVID restrictions on activities, running and walking are more important than ever - they are safe, accessible activities! 

This year’s program will look a bit different than in past years - students (whether they are at school in-person or virtually) won’t be able to meet after school for formal practices, or for long runs as a large group on the weekend.  We will be using online tools and resources to help connect student groups and coaches and keep track of training, and may try to host very small group meet-ups occasionally to do some distances together.  We also want to encourage students to pick a family member to train with - sibling, parent, one friend who they are seeing in their close circle - because we know that training is SO much better with company.  

Students may join the Students on the GO! Program through two avenues: 

  • With a school group: participating high schools will have a school coordinator, and each student at a participating high school/team will join and then communicate through their own school’s SOTG program throughout the duration of the program. 
  • Individually: this year, we want to offer the program to individual high school students who don’t have a school formally committed to the program. We will place individual students in community groups, and they will have a lead coordinator from our GO! St. Louis running community who will oversee the group, check on training, and provide guidance and information.

Our head coach, James Crowe, has been a high school Cross Country and Track & Field coach for decades in the St. Louis area.  Coach Crowe is the current coach at Clayton High School after having worked at University City High School as their cross country coach for many years.  Coach Crowe is an incredible coach, and is dedicated to his students as athletes and individuals.  He will be working to write plans, communicate with all school coordinators for this year’s program, and work with team leads for our individual student groups. 

Program Components: 

  • 20-week training program to prepare for half marathon 
  • Plans written by GO! St. Louis coaching staff for all abilities 
    (coaching staff will work with school coordinator to determine each student’s best plan)
  • Entry into half marathon race at program culmination
  • Hooded sweatshirt for all participants, and opportunities to earn other small incentives for meeting mileage goals 
  • Opportunities for socially distant, small group meet-ups for runs
other Info:

-) 2022 race registration is open • Registration Information 


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